About us

DrawKing is the merger of several groups of artists and pre-existing "portrait from your photos" businesses that have existed since 2015. The previous brands websites were www.bobbysdrawings.com, www.facedoodled.com, www.davidsdrawings.com, and www.captainjacksdrawings.com. 

These pages served America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK. Under DrawKing these are still the countries where 99% of our customers are located. 

Over time it became clear to us that each of these websites and social media pages (which primarily served different countries) we're very popular and attracting interest from overseas customers and so it would make sense for all the teams to merge into one brand. This has allowed us to keep prices low despite rising costs and given our artists a greater reach for their work.

Most importantly for us and our customers, the increased scale has allowed us to invest a lot of time and money in our customer service processes which have kicked the customer experience into top gear!

95% of all staff work from home now, especially in the aftermath of the pandemic, and that works well for us. Our artists are global and so drawings are dispatched and delivered as quick as ever :) 

That's all that comes to mind right now, but if you have any other questions about us then just get in touch! Thanks from all of us here at DrawKing :)