Choosing the Photos to Upload for Your Drawin

The best photos are:

  • Well lit, not too dark
  • Facing forwards
  • High resolution (a good test is to zoom in so each face fits your full screen on a tablet or laptop - if it’s still clear it’s a great photo)
  • Nothing is covering the face or hair (No hats unless you want them drawn too)
  • Not pulling a face you don’t want them to have in the drawing.
  • Really representative of how you look.

Sometimes it’s difficult or impossible to see eye colors clearly from photos, so if you can’t see them on the photo, it’s a good idea to include the eye color in the instruction box when you’re placing the order too.

In some circumstances, you might not have many photos of a person you would like to be drawn. Although clearer is always better, we have been amazed by the feedback we’ve received for drawing elderly or deceased relatives from old, torn and even black and white photos.

So send your best photos, but if all you have is something old, unclear or blurry, then we’re happy to draw from these too.